May 3


Mother: Hello

Shop assistant: Hello can I help you?

Mother: I want to buy a good telephone for my son.

Shop assistant: OK, we have got telephone in white, black, blue and red colours. What colour do you like?

Mother: Red, please.

Son: I don’t like red colour ,Mum. I like blue.

Mother: OK, blue plies.

Shop assistant: Yes, of course.

Son: Oh, it’s great! I like it.

Mother: How much is it?

Shop assistant: 50.000

Mother: It’s too expensive. Have you got a cheaper telephone?

Shop Assistant: No, I am sorry, we haven’t got cheaper telephone. It’s expensive but it is good.

Mother. Ok, I will buy it.

 Shop assistant: Would you like to pay by credit card or with cash?

Mother: Cash, please. Here is 50.000 Drams.

Mother: Thank you.

Shop assistant: Thank you, good-bye. Have a nice day.

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